Youth Empowerment


Series 1:

Theme:’’ Awakening the Mental Giant for National Development’’


You are the blue print of the nations. They are critical stake holders in all aspect of development and their energy, motivation and vision are essential assets for positive social change (UNESCO). Unfortunately, the number that are ready and mentally prepared for national development is sadly minimal.

This believe in Nigeria youth empowerment series with the theme ‘’Awakening the mental giant’’ for national development aims at supporting for the implementation of issues relating to the UN priorities of the Works Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY). WPAY implementation foster youth participation promote a greater understanding of emerging issues affecting young people, and stimulating action at the local, State, and national level in Nigeria. Addressing the challenges to youth development to encourage their empowerment and foster their participation as critical stake holders in a time characterised by complex and rapidly evolving economic and social circumstances.


To design 1000 youths with exposure to knowledge and skills acquisition that will make them relevant stake holders in the ever revolving work of challenges.


To have a Nigeria with empowered youths feeling and acting as critical stake holders in National development.


To address challenges to youth development in Nigeria and promote policies and programme on issues relating to the priorities of the UN Works programme of action for youth.


WOPIN is involved in counselling, care and support for orphans, especially orphaned by HIV / AIDS PLPs, many of those affected are parents with young children. When parent start to develop full blown AIDS, they cannot work, and need to be looked after. Children do not only have the distress of seeing their parent deteriorate but also are no longer provided for and have to try to help, care for their parents. They themselves or some of their brothers and sisters may have AIDS (about half a million of children are affected or infected by HIV /AIDS. Mothers in Africa end up with AIDS themselves.)

It is estimated that 90% of the world’S HIV infected children live in Africa, and more than half a million die of AIDS each year.

WOPIN also has links with community – based organizations that collaborate with us in implementing our various activities in various communities across Nigeria (Six Geo- Political Zone).

WOPIN also encourages these members to be empowered into fighting poverty and care for orphaned vulnerable children. As part of WOPIN programmes on creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, Our presentation stresses the need of chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage.

WOPIN is a non- governmental, non-Political, non – religious organizations dedicated to building a world of peace by net working with others in providing humanitarian services to the less privileged in-order to enable them acquire skills and training on self empowerment as an instrument for conflict management, Peace building, good health, happiness, which will Ultimately bring about conducive environment for progress in the society.

WOPIN advocates religious tolerance, respect for our diverse ethnicities and human dignity reposed on us by the almighty.

We also direct our activities to women as well as the youth because women and children in most cases bear the brunt of conflict and violence in the society.


crying childProgrammes, Project Drive / Strategies

We are seriously involved in programmes that will ensure a very healthy environment where we can live in harmony and enjoy live. We also organize retreats, seminars, workshops and trainings to work in line with the MDGs programme aimed to focus on pragmatic solutions that will bring development to the country.

Our focus is to work with relevant authorities in ensuring that the UN target of 2020 MDG programme is actualized and achieved. We collaborate with other Civil Society and Government Agencies to realize our goals and objectives.

Media Publications
Vocational Training
Community Service
House to house counseling.

Conflict resolution, conflict prevention.
Peace education, good governance, economic empowerment.
Mobilize and sensitize through effective networking monitoring and programmes. i.e. seminars, workshops, production of materials, research and advocacy.
Provide support and care for people living positive by HIV/AIDS
Care for Orphans, Destitute, widows and the poor.

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My name is Dr. Mariam C. Abdullahi, the President and Founder, Women for Peace in Nigeria. I personally want to welcome you to our official website. wopin visits hospitalsWomen For Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN) as a Non-Governmental Organization NGO, Non-Profit making, on-religious making organization enjoys collaboration with an impresive list of international, National, Local and community base organization.